Manna Pot Catering [ mæn pot ] Provider of divine, good food for the soul.

Manna Pot Catering is a halal catering company which provides food catering services in Singapore. We specialise in buffet catering for all events and are dedicated to delighting our clients with exceptional standards in food catering in Singapore. Founded in April 2002, Manna Pot catering was conceived with a passion to provide wholesome food for the soul. Driven by this passion, the founder strived to ensure the good quality of food is constantly maintained over the years. Starting from a small-scale personal buffet catering in the early days, the business has grown tremendously over the years through the many word-of-mouth referrals from customers whom have praised Manna Pot for its impeccable service and remarkable food. We pride ourselves on being recognised for our high quality food standards and are constantly undertaking measures to upkeep this standard in providing the best buffet catering in Singapore.

Buffet Catering Services

In order to keep up with the ever-changing wants of society, Manna Pot Catering has been constantly improving and reinventing its menus in a bid to ensure that innovative dishes are constantly being created so as to cater to the taste buds of our customers and bring about diversity in the marketplace. This is in line with our vision to reinvent our company and reach out to a bigger customer base for buffet catering in Singapore. Our current clientele is relatively diverse. We provide buffet catering services for a huge range of events like wedding reception catering, household buffet catering, corporate functions catering, hospitality events catering, kids parties catering, conferences and seminars catering, housewarming party catering, mini buffet catering, baby shower catering, private party catering and themed event catering. Today, we are striving towards higher standards of food catering as well to provide other add-on services an event may require.

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